Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last weekend, Mark and I ventured up to Seattle for a job interview for Mark, and a mini-vacation for me (albeit 2 short days). We got in on a Thursday, had dinner on the water, where we ate the most delicious seafood we have ever had. Friday morning was Mark's interview...While he was interviewing, I drove around the area and saw a charming little coffee drive-thru hut (aggies, looked exactly like java jitters). Excited about going to a place like java jitters, I whipped my little rental car into the drive-thru to order my chai latte...what I didn't expect was the fact that the barista was in a string bikini...What the What?!?! nervous, I completely over-tipped. She was very nice,btw. To quote our favorite Cowboys from the Amazing Race Jet and Cord, "We are so not in the Bible Belt anymore..."
After the interview, we enjoyed downtown Seattle, Pikes Place Market, and a cozy little Italian restaurant. What a great time. What a beautiful city. What interesting and intriquing people. Will we be living there.....we shall see...

Here are some pictures of our short stay...Thanks Pappy and Lulu for watching Ryann!!

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John and Sarah said...

Oh so fun. I cant wait to visit! could just move to guatemala and we could see each other all the time!!....enough Guatemala comments? :)

Seattle looks beautiful and the second he accepts the job, I will be purchasing my first of many airline tickets to visit yall.