Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birthday Girl (um, I mean princess)

Ryann's Birthday is April 4, same day as Easter this year...which made the day super duper special. We love our little 3 year old so very much. She is such a creative little lady, who wants to be called a different princess name every day. One day she is Cinderella, the next Snow White, etc. True,this gets very very old...However, Mark is always "Prince Charming" and I am usually, "Your Highness" (which never gets old) We cherish our little princess so very much and are enjoying seeing her grow up before our eyes...way. too. fast. She has a tender heart and an amazing memory. She has committed several Scripture Verses to memory and I cannot wait for her to "get" what a lot of these verses mean. She is truly a gift.
Hard to believe that this teeny tiny baby...

...Is now this Little 3 year old GIRL

Here are some pictures from our fun-filled day:
I started a new tradition this year. I hid all of the wrapped presents,decorations/balloons from Ryann. After she was asleep on her birthday eve, I decorated our little one room kitchen/living space. Her face when she entered the room the next morning was so precious. She actually did a dramatic gasp and said, "For, me!?" So cute. Think I will do that every year now.

After a great Easter service,(side note: this small, sweet church we are visiting here really has the warmest people we have EVER encountered, has taught/convicted me a ton on how to treat visitors...will blog about this later)we boarded an East bound train to downtown.
Once we got there, we had her Birthday lunch at Giordano's Pizza
Ryann, trying really really hard to hold up 3 fingers

After our pizza lunch, we walked the long walk to the aquarium, taking in all the city sites along the way.BEAUTIFUL day.

The Shedd Aquarium was really unbelievable. It had beluga whales, sea lions, tons of sharks, penguins, etc. However, we had a hard time tearing Ryann away from this one:

Ryann loved her Birthday Easter cookies

A foreshadowing of Ryann as a thirteen year old

Ryann enjoyed opening all her gifts

Tired Princess Mommy

Finally,Princess Mark got to open his present from my parents


Chris and Jill said...

Such a FUN and special day! I cannot believe Miss Ryann is already 3 years old?!?! It seems like just yesterday we were having a baby shower for her and looking forward to meeting her when she made her debut!

By the way, you look FAB in the tiara Your Highness!

Jennifer Hanson said...

This was so fun seeing all the photos. Ryann is SUCH a cutie! Her princess obsession/imagination reminds me so much of myself when I was her age. My goodness she is a darling. I just want to squeeze her to pieces!! ;-)

John and Sarah said...

LOVE IT! My favorite part is the teenage look. That is so funny. She really does look like a 13 year old. My second favorite part is the "For me?!" I think that is such a great idea to do for birthdays! So fun and such a surprise. Im so sad that we missed it! She is the cutest little girl in the entire world and I didnt know I could love someone so much (shhh dont tell john that:)) Happy Birthday sweet Ryann! I love you!!!

John and Sarah said...

Ps. You look really good in that blue color. HOTTIE!

Annie and Jeremy said...

Such sweet pictures and fun memories!!!! I so wish we could have celebrated with you, too!!!!! Happy b-day, Ryann!!!!