Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tourist Fun

One of my favorite pictures of Ryann to date. Totally captures her personality!

The last full day my family was here, we ventured into the city again. We enjoyed an Architecture Boat tour of Chicago that was fabulous. Chicago really is such a Beautiful city.

After the boat tour, we enjoyed lunch at the Navy Pier

Looking at the sites on the way back to the train


Jennifer Hanson said...

That first picture of Ryann is A-MAZING! Her expression and the motion of the background - perfect.

Also - HOW in the world does Chicago keep that big silver bubble thing clean???

John and Sarah said...

The Navy Pier looks SUPER FUN! Once again, Ryann is the cutest little girl in the entire world and I love her more than anything in the entire world ever! :)

Chris and Jill said...

What a fun last day of your family's visit! I LOVE the first picture of Miss Ryann. She just lights up the room!

I have to say... all your pictures of all the fun things to do in Chicago are going to get my hubby in trouble ;-) We've been there several times (he has family there) and he hasn't taken me to see half of what y'all have seen in just a month, LOL!

Matt and Angie Wood said...

She is adorable!!!!

Annie and Jeremy said...

GIRL! You guys are absolutely adorable! I'm loving my vicarious visit to Chicago through you!!! :)

Elyse said...

How fun! So glad that it is sunny and pretty now. I LOVE that pic of Ryann too.